Despite great measures and precautions observed by high-end solar panel installers, there will be inevitable circumstances when photovoltaic panel installation will yield unexpected output. There are several angles to look at to get to the root or the cause of such troubles. Often, the following are the factors that may influence the performance and/or result of a photovoltaic panel installation:


Since a photovoltaic panel installation is a fixed apparatus set-up, the location will play a vital role in giving the system more chances of performing at its best. How much sun exposure does the site get and how often sunny days are occurring are some of the things to look into when geography is taken into account.

Wind Load

The site to which the photovoltaic panel installation is to take place may experience the inconvenience of different wind activities such as wind pressure and wind load. These may affect the process and may cause some errors to occur which can bring about the failure of the solar panel system function.

Roofing Material

For most, the roof structure will be an aspect to affect the photovoltaic panel installation more likely on safety and on alignment or angling solar panel frames during mounting. It is recommended that a photovoltaic panel installation is done in the course of re-roofing. This is to concurrently do all construction and installation in a single time. This helps in not being a bother to the members of the household and the back and forth of two different jobs. By combining the two jobs into one will help to cut down on cost, time, and efforts. Also, this will allow the solar panels to have sufficient and proper placement on the roof.

Shipping of Photovoltaic Panel Installation Package

There are unavoidable circumstances that may cause damage to the system even prior to the actual photovoltaic panel installation. As rarely as it is, shipping of the solar panel system package goes through some damage if delivery personnel neglect the practice of safe handling. Any harm caused on one or more parts of the system may give greater risks and chances of its failure to function or to perform as it should.

When photovoltaic panel installation is being carried out, the system’s over-all and long-term performance is at risk. Owners of the solar power system must be realistic and expectant of inevitable concerns that may put the system’s operation in generating solar energy at a low or poor quality. However, these can still be easily resolved when installers see the damage immediately during the process of installation or when brought to the installer’s attention through customer service.