Oregon Solar Panel Dealers – Find the Right Deal

If you live in Oregon, then it’s a great time to go green. However, going green is not an easy task if you have no idea what you need to buy. As such, you will probably approach Oregon solar panel dealers and ask for their advice and may even purchase something from them. But do you know how to strike the perfect deal with them? If you don’t, this article will teach you.

1 – Ask for Alternatives

When you visit Oregon solar panel dealers, they will most likely tell you about a solar panel system that is absolutely phenomenal. However, perhaps that is the product that they are supposed to sell. If you really want the best deal, ask about every other alternative product they have. More often than not, you will find that the alternatives are a much better choice than that offered by Oregon solar panel dealers.

2 – Ask about the Differences in Solar Panels

At this stage, it’s vital to show interest but express how you’re not completely satisfied. As such, ask your solar panel dealer why you should purchase the solar panels from them. The moment they give you a generic answer, simply walk away. If you want to really get a great deal, always mention that another dealer is providing the same panels at a lower rate.

3 – Tailor Your Solar Panels Power Package

Once you have found solar panels that you like, it’s time to tailor your package. While many Oregon solar panel dealers will say they may not do it, the truth is that they can. Here is where many people lose the best deals.

The first thing you need to do is ask about extra services such as installation, maintenance, warranty services, upgrades and bundles. In most cases, the dealers will tell you that extras will cost you a little more. This is where you show dissatisfaction.

At this stage, you need to continually ask for a discount. Show how interested you are but are hesitant due to the price being mentioned. As such, in order to add value, let them know that you would like extras added to the overall package. Once you get the price you want, it’s time to lower it even further.

4 – Ask for a Discount

Keep in mind that this last part may not always work, especially when you have found a professional solar panel dealer who is already providing a very low price. However, it can never hurt to simply ask for one. Worst case scenario, you walk away with the already reduced price.

So long as you keep the above points in mind, following them in the prescribed order, then you can get a great deal on your solar panels. Of course, if you have tailored your package well, the company will also send out someone to install the solar panels for you, ensuring you have to do nothing but watch the beauty of solar panel installation unfold.

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