New York Solar Panel Installers

New York solar panel dealers are the modern version of history’s great innovators. The only difference is that today solar can be successfully used for heating an entire home without any electricity. New York solar panel dealers are equipped with the best information and equipment, allowing your home to be state of the art when it comes to using renewable energy.

New York solar panel dealers have extensive experience when it comes to installing solar panels. In addition to being efficient and timely, they are able to accomplish putting on panels in a matter of just several days. This includes setting up the battery bank located in the home. New York solar panel dealers are experts in their field and use their knowledge to inform the customers of how the system works and what is to be expected.  They are also able to answer any questions homeowners may have.

New York solar panel dealers take several things into question when determining the proper size panels to install on any given home. They look at the size of the home, how many occupants are living there, how many electrical devices or machines are being used, and the amount of sunshine available during the year. For homes that are located in areas with lots of cloud coverage or that get rain a lot, battery sizes may need to be increased. Solar panel sizes may also be increased if the home uses a lot of electricity.  Say the home has 10 occupants, that’s a lot of washing dishes and doing laundry and all of this will have an effect on the size of panels needed. New York solar panel dealers will be sure to include all pertinent information when deciding what size panels are needed.

New York solar panel dealers understand the importance of getting people to rely more on renewable energy resources. In addition to lessening the impact on our planet, solar is a great way to keep the heat and lights on when a storm has knocked out power to the system. Not having to rely on an external method of energy, such as electricity, is a great feeling. It’s not uncommon for storms in New York to wipe out electrical systems, but customers of New York solar panel dealers are able to reap the benefits of not losing power when the system goes down.

There are many great reasons to switch to solar and New York solar panel dealers know that each customer is different. While one customer may want to get rid of energy bills, another may want to do their part in preserving our planet for years to come. No one reason is better than another, but to decide if solar is right for you, you just need to pick up the phone and call your local dealer to discuss your options.

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