Solar energy is becoming widely used because of how efficient it is for many families and even companies. The expense it cuts off from electricity bills is what more and more people tend to be attracted to. Basically, having it installed will require expert advice as to the quality of parts that the solar panel system will need. Home solar panel system needs fewer parts while more complicated ones for heavy solar energy supply require more complex ones. The following are the basic and most common parts inclusive in solar systems for homes:

Solar Panels System

Solar panels are the very core component of the solar panel system. It is what gets light energy from the sun which the whole system will generate into consumable energy. It is highly recommended that solar panels are invested well into since this will determine how efficient and how productive will the solar panel system work for the home. The supply of energy and its consistency for everyday use will rely on the quality of the solar panels that are used. It will be the grounds to which the system’s performance will greatly depend on.

Charge Controllers

The charge controllers play a vital role for solar panel systems since it takes a hold on safety measures. What it does is, it limits the amount of energy that the batteries are taking in. In its absence, batteries will overcharge and will cause declination on the batteries’ performance or even damage. Also, it can serve as a means of preventing batteries from draining its energy charges.


For starters, solar panel system makes use of inverters to change direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). The first is the current that the solar panels get from sun energy and passes it down through wires, while the latter is the current that is usable for most appliances. Without converters, the solar panel system will be unable to produce safe voltages that homeowners will need. This is because DC is relatively high and AC is what electronic items need to function.

Solar Energy Batteries

Sometimes, there are solar panel systems that do not use batteries anymore and allow direct connection to utility lines. This may be for some types of connections but for home solar panel systems, it may not be as advisable for safety reasons. Whatever energy the solar panel system gathers outdoors will go straight into inverters and then into batteries for storage. Its lifespan is prolonged with the help of well-functioning converters.

Being aware of the most basic parts of solar panel system lets one be familiar as to what types of equipment must or must not be splurged on. These mentioned parts are only the core or basics and there are more that will enhance the performance of solar panel system compared to those with minimal parts. Know more about these additional equipments and see what else are to be deemed essential.