How to Find the Best Arizona Solar Panel Dealers

Former governor Janet Napolitano called Arizona “the Persian Gulf of solar energy.” Just two years Arizona installed 273 MW of photovoltaic solar panels. But while the government increases solar capacity in this state, homeowners can also make an effort to bring this technology to their homes. In this article, we will teach you how to find the best Arizona solar panel dealers.


While you can search for Arizona solar panel dealers on Google, you should ideally start by searching for installer at the relevant utilities or agencies that handle power issues in your city. The benefit of searching here is that you usually get certified solar panel dealers, and thus you can stay assured of the quality.

Solar Panel Incentives in your Area

If you know the solar energy incentives in the state, you will have the upper hand in any negotiation with Arizona solar panel dealers. Usually you can search for incentives online at the Department of Energy’s website. Incentives can significantly bring down the cost of solar panel installation, so be sure to check them out.

Payment Options

This is yet another defining factor that you should make yourself aware of when searching for Arizona solar panel dealers. Some solar panel vendors offer lease options where you usually pay a fixed rate regardless of the amount of electricity produced. However, you can also avail options where you pay according to the output. In this way, your monthly payments with vary month to month, although some months can be higher as well.

Online Testimonials

Although this is not a hard and fast rule, you should look for testimonials when searching for Arizona solar panel dealers online. This at least gives you the surety that the vendor you are working with has some experience in this field or not. Along similar lines, you can also ask your referrals in your social circles. Your friends and family will only recommend a dealer to you if he is worth it.

These were the major guidelines that will help you select Arizona solar panel dealers. Investing in solar technology is a wise option. When you are producing your own electricity using solar panels, you will be absolved from paying high utility costs in the long run. Not to mention, installing solar panels in your house can help you avail tax benefits as well.

Ultimately, your solar panels are your responsibility. The good thing is that solar panels do not require a lot of upkeep. Plus, you should see if Arizona solar panel dealers also offer maintenance services as well. If you are willing to put some effort in finding the right dealer, you will be able to relax as far as your power requirements are concerned for as much as 2 decades.

If you’re looking for quality solar panels, is a great place to start. With the information contained, you will find everything you need to know about solar panels, how they work, who should install them and/or where to find solar panel installers in your area.

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