California Solar Panel Installers

Installing a solar power solution on your home is a great way to generate free energy from the sun that you can use to lower your monthly electricity bills. There are a wide range of California solar panel installers that can help you decide on the right size and type of system for your home. The most important component these California solar panel installers can help you select is the solar panel itself. Making sure you get the best equipment possible that is also installed correctly will guarantee you’ll produce all the power you need for your family.

California Solar Panel Installers Can Help With Your Selection

Even though most solar panels look the same there can be a huge difference in their durability and the amount of power they can generate. Over the years these panels have become much more efficient and most modern panels can produce several times as much power as units sold in the past. This means these California solar panel installers can actually save you money on your system by recommending a more efficient panel. You’ll mot only need less of these panels to generate all the power you need, they’ll take up less space on your home as well.

Mounting Options Are a Critical Decision

The installation of your system is another important consideration and most professional California solar panel installers will offer several different options for mounting your panels. In years past, most solar panels were individually mounted to the roof of your home. This process was time consuming and required a large number of holes through your roofing material that could cause leakage over time. Most modern mounting systems use a larger rack to hold the panels that requires less mounting hardware and also offers more flexibility in design. These racks can accommodate a variety of different solar panel sizes and will allow you to expand your solar energy system over time by having these California solar panel installers mount additional panels on your home. This way you can start with a smaller, less expensive system initially and expand it over time as your needs and your budget dictate.

Rebates Help Lower Your Cost

Since every state has different rebates available for the installation of residential solar power, it’s critical you choose one of the many California solar panel installers in your area to help you apply for the rebates. They will know what programs are available in your area and can help you get the maximum discounts you qualify for with your system. Even though you can find much of this information yourself, these California solar panel installers can make the process easier and apply these discounts to the cost of your system when it’s being installed.

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