Solar is quickly becoming the way of the future. In addition to lessening our need for non-renewable fossil fuels, solar can ensure homeowners they will not have energy bills for years to come. California solar panel dealers are able to properly size and install solar panels on any home. When these panels are installed, the homeowner will have done their part committed to living greener and ensuring a better future for generations to come. In addition, California solar panel dealers are able to quickly install and have a system up in running in no time.

Solar panels work by catching the sun’s rays through a silicone system, then transforming the energy from the sun into electrical power. The power is stored in batteries which are generally stored within the home. California solar panel dealers are able to tell homeowners exactly what they need in regards to sizes for both the panels and batteries. The process of taking sunlight and transferring it to energy is known as photovoltaic effect, from the proper name for solar panels which are more technically known as photovoltaic panels. For anyone who is interested in knowing how the exact process works, all California solar panel dealers are able to explain it in great detail.

California solar panel dealers can also explain how silicon wafers are able to absorb photons from sunlight and release electrons. These silicon wafers are able to move the electrons in one direction prior to being transported via wiring out to an inverter. As all California solar panel dealers can explain, the inverter then transforms the electrons which are in DC mode, to ready to use energy in AC mode.

Since one panel cannot produce enough energy for a home, California solar panel dealers must determine how many panels are necessary. There are several things California solar panel dealers will take into consideration: size of the building, how many people are living there (or will potentially be living there), amount and energy requirements of any electrical devices in the home or building, and power consumption on a seasonal basis. When all of these variables are considered, installation can begin. Both the planning and purchasing stage take longer than the actual installation, which is typically only a few days long.

When you have decided to get solar panels for your home or business, California solar panel dealers are ready to assist you all along the way. They are able to schedule a time which suits your schedule to inspect and measure your home, discuss any questions you may have, and suggest the proper system for your home.

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