The Purple One’s Green Initiatives: Prince’s Solar Philanthropy Revealed

Prince’s Green Secret: Solar Power for All

Prince's Solar Philanthropy

In the short time since the death of pop, R&B, funk, soul, and rock legend Prince was announced, it seems as if just about everyone you know has a Prince story to tell, some secret or not terribly secret way that his music touched their lives. Well, it turns out that along with the public persona of the beloved artist, singer, songwriter, and musician, there were many hidden aspects of his life. Some of these hidden aspects or activities may have touched more people than realized it.

It turns out that Prince was secretly supporting and funding multiple charitable programs throughout the country. One of these charities, Green For All, an Oakland-based environmental group, is reporting that Prince paid for solar panels that were installed on the homes of needy families without them having any idea where the money funding the project came from. Now that Prince has passed on, the truth about his secret and wide-ranging philanthropy can be told.

Green for All

The Oakland charity Green for All, which is run by political activist Van Jones, operates three sustainability oriented programs. Green the Church is working with traditionally African American churches and pastors to take the lead on sustainability issues and sustainable policy advocacy for their communities.

The other main initiative of Green for All, Make Polluters Pay, is primarily concerned with fixing the ongoing water crisis in flint Michigan. Van Jones revealed during an interview following Prince’s death that the musician was not only the driving force behind the charity, but that he funded it as well.

A Legacy Beyond His Music

Beyond the solar panels, the greening of African American churches, and his work on behalf of the people of Flint, Prince’s philanthropy may just now be beginning to come into the light. The Purple One was also the driving force and instigator of the Silicon Valley charity Yes We Code, the mission of which is to connect one-hundred thousand “low-opportunity young adults” with high paying tech jobs over the next few years. It remains to be seen how many other philanthropies Prince may have been supporting.

Prince’s legacy will include his work for the environment, his work on behalf of disadvantaged youth and people of color, and his music and films. And for that, we can all be grateful beyond how he may have touched us each personally.