Solar Powered Ecocapsules Will Allow You to Live Off the Grid, Anywhere

Meet the Future: The Ecocapsule Is Here

Solar Powered Ecocapsules Will Allow You to Live Off the Grid, Anywhere

Have you grown disillusioned with the day-to-day drudgery of modern life? Maybe you long to commune with nature, far, far away from super highways, informational or otherwise. But, and here’s the sticking point – you don’t really want to give up the comforts of modern living, but you also don’t want to contribute more to your carbon footprint by purchasing a gas guzzling RV or fifth wheel that requires a V8 to tow it.

If the above description applies to you, and building your own off-grid cabin or tent communing isn’t exactly your thing, then you’ve been pretty much limited to unsustainable short stays in luxury resorts that abut what’s left of the wilds of North America.

That is, until now. Because now, there is the Ecocapsule. Created and manufactured by a group of Slovakian designers and builders, the Ecocapsule is designed to be self-sustaining in just about any environment, and this year they will build and deliver the first fifty of these habitats of the future.

How the Ecocapsule Works

The Ecocapsule is designed to be light and aerodynamic enough that it can be towed by an electric car. It comes with an array of high-efficiency solar cells built right into its roof, and an easily set up wind turbine (for once you arrive at your destination) that generate enough power to run the systems of the capsule itself while recharging your electric vehicle.

The skin of the capsule also contains water collection points that take rainwater, filter it and supply it to the capsule’s systems.

More Than a Tent, Less Than an RV

The Ecocapsule is designed for off-grid living and can accommodate one to two people for up to a year. The unit contains a toilet, a shower, a small cooking area, a working area, and a sleeping area, along with several interior storage cabinets, and an outside storage area as well.

While the company’s website doesn’t expressly address the subject of waste water and solid waste disposal, it’s pretty safe to assume that (given the capsule’s light design) it doesn’t contain gray water treatment equipment. So, off-grid or no, trips to dispose of solid waste will most likely be necessary.

Other than that one issue (and who knows, maybe a composting toilet option is in the works), the capsule is attractive for its ability to provide nearly all the comforts of contemporary living in a portable, off-grid package.

Coming Soon to National Parks and Natural Disasters Near You

Given its attractiveness to eco-friendly minded people, and its relatively reasonable price tag (compared to building a cabin) of just under eighty thousand Euros, the Ecocapsule is sure to begin to pop up in natural areas throughout Europe and eventually North America.

The company that makes the Ecocapsule is also offering reduced rates to governments so that Ecocapsules can be used as emergency, temporary housing for victims of natural disasters.

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