Why Going Solar in North Carolina Just Got Sweeter in 2015

North Carolina Solar Tax Credit Gets a New Lease on Life

North Carolina Solar

If tasked with creating a list of the most solar-friendly states in the union, most people wouldn’t immediately think of North Carolina. California is well known for solar — Hawaii and Arizona, sure, but North Carolina? Who would have thought, right?

But as it turns, out, the Tarheel State is actually a national leader in solar adoption. As last count, there were nearly 170 solar companies in NC, and the state’s solar energy production capacity increased by 397 MW in 2014 alone, putting it in second place for total installations that year. In terms of total capacity, the state ranks 4th in the US. Read more

What You Need to Know About the New Tesla Battery

Groundbreaking Company Set to Shake Up Energy Industry

new tesla battery

From electric cars to blazing-fast transcontinental Maglev railway, online payments to solar leasing, Elon Musk thinks big. His company, Tesla, has already made substantial inroads at making electric cars not just desirable, but lust-worthy.

Now, the billionaire entrepreneur has set his sights on shaking up the energy industry with a new battery design. The battery has already been tested in California by a lucky group of 230 homeowners, and those who have made comments have been quite positive about the results.

What could this new development mean for the solar industry? Read more

How the Different States Rank for Solar Power and Why

Which States Rank the Highest for the Most Solar Power?

top states for solar power

No matter where you live, going solar has its advantages. After all, what could be better than clean, renewable energy from the sun? Having said that, the solar power value proposition is even stronger in certain states, when compared to the rest.

So how do different states in the country rank for solar power production and capacity, and which criteria make some states solar superstars, while others are only solar slackers? Read more

What Is the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Program All About?

Getting to Know the Government’s SunShot Program

sunshot program

There was a time when the United States was the dominant player in the solar power game. And more than 40% of the world’s solar panels used to be manufactured here at home. Now, our market share is less than seven percent. Since the mid-1990s, other nations have taken dramatic leads when it comes to solar power development and adoption.

The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office’s Sunshot Initiative aims to restore our nation’s position as a key proponent and utilizer of solar energy. Read more