Solar Trade Dispute With India Lands in US Favor

The WTO Rules in Favor of the U.S. in a Solar Power Dispute With India

The WTO Rules in Favor of the U.S. in a Solar Power Dispute With India

Last month the United States scored a victory as the World Trade Organization sided with the U.S. regarding a complaint filed against India’s restrictive rules for upcoming solar panel system installations. India had required that solar companies that sell their power directly to the Indian government use only parts and components manufactured within the country.

The U.S. complained that this was unfair to American solar manufacturers under WTO rules. In a strange twist, however, the final outcome of the ruling may not be in favor of the U.S. after all. This is due to the fact that many state and local governments in the United States have similar rules in place for solar companies that they subsidize or buy power from.

Logically, India could demand that these markets be opened up to their ostensibly lower priced components and parts in the future. Additionally, some environmental groups are decrying the ruling as they are afraid it could have a chilling effect on ongoing efforts to convert a significant portion of India’s energy consumption to renewables.

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In Paris, New Commercial Developments Are Required to Have Green Rooftops or Solar Panels

When You Can’t Green Out, Green Up

In Paris, New Commercial Developments Are Required to Have Green Rooftops or Solar Panels

It’s no wonder that so many people want to live and work in Paris. It is Paris, after all. But when available building space is at such a premium, green spaces tend to be crowded out by new development, both residential and commercial.

Then there’s the matter of energy usage. When you have more than 2 million people in a space that’s just about 40 square miles in diameter and also happens to be nicknamed “The City of Lights,” you’re going to need lots of electricity. As of summer 2014, the entire nation of France had a mere five gigawatts of solar generation capacity installed.

But now that all new commercial buildings in France are required to install plants or solar panels on their rooftops, there’s hope on the horizon for a greener, more efficient Paris. Read on for details…

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The Increased Adoption of Solar Power Spells More Creative Applications

Creative Solar Power Applications Are Sweeping the Nation

Creative Solar Power Applications art sweeping the nation

As a matter of course, greater adoption of solar power generation systems pumps more money in the design and manufacture of solar systems, which in turn drives profitability, which attracts investment, which drives innovation.

As solar energy continues to prove itself and its potential to provide a greater and greater portion of the world with sustainable, green energy, it goes without saying that researchers inside and on the periphery of the industry will find more and more creative ways to apply the technology as it develops.

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Solar Tech Advances: Nanotechnology and BioSolar

Advances in Solar Power Technology Are Coming From Both Nanotechnology and Biotechnology

Nanotechnology and BioSolar, solar tech advances

Solar technology continues to advance, driving the efficiency of solar power systems up and the cost of purchasing and maintaining them down. As researchers in both the field of biotechnology and the field of nanotechnology are getting more invested in bringing applications for their tech to bear on developing better photovoltaic technology, the entire solar power industry, consumers, and the environment stand to benefit.

Using biotechnology and nanotechnology in the manufacturing of PV cells has the potential to reduce manufacturing costs and installation costs. Although many of the technologies in development aren’t as efficient as traditionally produced PV cells, they do bring with them a significant enough reduction in price to make the new technology attractive to investors and manufacturers alike. Read more

Solar Industry In the U.S. Continues to Add Jobs, Moving Past Oil

There Will Be Oil

solar vs. big oil, how the solar industry keeps adding jobs to the market

Black gold, Texas tea… no matter what you call it, oil is a big business. The oil industry has long been a major player in the U.S. economy, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. Even if we were to go 100% solar, there’s still the matter of all the gasoline-powered cars currently on the road.

And even if everyone bought an electric car and consigned the old gas burners to the auto museums and junkyards; petroleum is used to make a wide array of products, from bicycle tires to toothbrushes and more. But one thing we all know for sure? Solar energy and renewables in general are on the rise, and new data is demonstrating this point, too.

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