6 Benefits to Going Solar You May Not Have Known About

Why Solar Is Even Better Than You Thought

6 Benefits to Going Solar You May Not Have Known About

If you’re considering going solar, then you’re certainly not alone. As you’ve probably noticed, solar installations have risen dramatically in recent years, and there’s a whole host of reasons that installing rooftop solar panels is one of the smartest moves you can make.

Let’s take a look at some solar benefits that may surprise you — even if you’re super savvy and ready to make the switch very soon. Read on for details…

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Nearly Every US State Took Action on Rooftop Solar Last Year

Solar Energy Is a Hot Topic

Nearly Every US State Took Action on Rooftop Solar in 2015

The rooftop solar sector has experienced unprecedented growth over the past decade, for a number of reasons. The cost of installing solar panels atop one’s home or business has plummeted, falling by more than 60% since President Obama took office in November of 2008.

In addition, climate change science is becoming more and more difficult to deny, even for the most entrenched skeptics. A rising tide of environmental concern has certainly helped bolster rooftop solar’s market share.

Solar is also helping to decrease our national dependence on foreign energy sources, and that’s something even the most conservative energy consumer can get behind. Fossil fuel pricing is inherently volatile, and less reliance on foreign oil means a stronger, more independent America.

Public policy has been an additional driver of solar growth. Solar customers in many states have benefited from generous net metering laws that have allowed them to sell their excess energy back to the utilities at retail rates, paying only for the energy they use. And with the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit footing 30% of the cost of going solar, the cost of installing shiny new photovoltaic panels has been downright reasonable for homeowners and solar lessors, alike.

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What’s Going on With Solar Power in Nevada?

Recent Solar News in Nevada Dealt a Crushing Blow to the Industry

Nevada Public Utilities Commission decided to raise rates and fees

At first blush, Nevada seems like the ideal climate for solar energy to become the power source of choice. After all, it takes a lot of juice to keep the lights of the Las Vegas strip flashing, to say nothing of the rest of the state.

One natural asset that the state has more than enough of (other than glitz and feather boas) is sunshine. So why hasn’t solar power taken over in the Silver State? Well, solar proponents say it has less to do with sunshine, and more to do with shady dealings.

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Solar Powered Ecocapsules Will Allow You to Live Off the Grid, Anywhere

Meet the Future: The Ecocapsule Is Here

Solar Powered Ecocapsules Will Allow You to Live Off the Grid, Anywhere

Have you grown disillusioned with the day-to-day drudgery of modern life? Maybe you long to commune with nature, far, far away from super highways, informational or otherwise. But, and here’s the sticking point – you don’t really want to give up the comforts of modern living, but you also don’t want to contribute more to your carbon footprint by purchasing a gas guzzling RV or fifth wheel that requires a V8 to tow it.

If the above description applies to you, and building your own off-grid cabin or tent communing isn’t exactly your thing, then you’ve been pretty much limited to unsustainable short stays in luxury resorts that abut what’s left of the wilds of North America.

That is, until now. Because now, there is the Ecocapsule. Created and manufactured by a group of Slovakian designers and builders, the Ecocapsule is designed to be self-sustaining in just about any environment, and this year they will build and deliver the first fifty of these habitats of the future.

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How MassDOT’s Solar Energy Initiative Is Fueling Public Highway Projects

The Bay State Is Serious About Solar

How MassDOT's Solar Energy Initiative Is Fueling Public Highway Projects

The state of Massachusetts recently made news for coming in second in the nation for solar job growth. With more than 1,500 solar employees working toward the ambitious RPS goal of sourcing 15% of the state’s energy from renewables by 2020, it’s clear that the Bay State is serious about solar.

But the state’s solar job growth isn’t the only news. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s Solar PV Energy Program is making waves, as well.

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