10 Often Overlooked Benefits of Going Solar

Do You Need Another Reason to Go Solar?

10 benefits to going solar

If you’re like most people, the environmental benefits that come to mind regarding solar energy just might be the first thing you think of when composing a list of the pros associated with going solar. But while it’s difficult to overstate the environmental case for going solar, reducing carbon emissions is but one of the many big-time pluses that solar energy offers.

Let’s take a look at the many upsides of sourcing clean, renewable energy from the sun, from saving money to reducing our energy dependence on foreign sources.

Solar Saves Money

If you still think solar panels are too expensive, then you haven’t been paying attention. These days, you can expect your purchased solar array to pay for itself in as little as 6 years. And if you’re strapped for cash, then you can lease a solar array and purchase the energy it produces at a guaranteed rate for the duration of your solar lease.

Who Needs Foreign Oil?

Dependence on foreign oil has the potential to put the United States in some awkward situations; that much is pretty clear from the last thirty years of geo-politics. Regardless of your political leanings, it seems self-evident that making concessions because of energy dependence is less than ideal where national security is concerned.

Solar Comes in Every Size

One of the best parts about solar energy is that it’s a completely scale-able solution. From tiny electronic toys to huge data facilities, photovoltaic arrays can be used to power literally anything under the sun. That way, you only pay for the equipment necessary to produce the energy you need.

Solar Panels Preserve Your Roof

When the city of San Jose was considering installing a solar array on the roof of their city’s convention center, they explored all the potential sources of cost savings that a solar array would offer. One of their findings was that the solar panels would actually extend the life of their roofing. For most residential projects, that might not be a major consideration, but in the long run, every little bit of savings adds up.

Solar Panels Reduce Your Cooling Costs

When the sun is beating down on your home or business, the heat absorbed by the roof raises ambient temperatures inside. But solar panels reflect the sunlight they don’t absorb, keeping the sections of roof beneath them in the shade, and reducing the need to run the AC.

Solar Is Low-Maintenance

Solar panels have no moving parts, so they tend to be pretty low maintenance. Sure, you might have to replace the occasional inverter, but there’s a reason why solar panels have such impressive warranties: the manufacturers know they won’t have to replace many of them, which means less hassle for you.

Live Anywhere With Solar Power

With a battery backup system, it’s possible to have electricity anywhere. Want to live off the grid but still have the luxury of running a microwave or charging your laptop? With solar energy, that’s easily do-able. And battery backup technology is getting better all the time.

What’s That Noise? Not Solar Panels

Whether they’re nuclear, coal-powered, or natural gas-fired, power plants can be extremely noisy. But solar panels produce no noise at all. In a world where noise pollution is just about everywhere, it’s nice to know that the energy source of the future will be as quiet as a whisper.

Solar Energy Improves Grid Stability

Traditional power plants are pretty robust, but they’ve been known to succumb to overloads, fires, and other electricity-interrupting mishaps. By adding solar energy to their power portfolios, utilities can improve the stability and reliability of the electrical grid.

Solar Creates Jobs

You’ve probably noticed lots of solar panels being installed in your city lately. And that means local workers are being paid to get the job done. Solar’s potential as an engine for economic growth is just beginning to be tapped. According to a report from the Solar Foundation, solar energy now employs more people than the oil and gas extraction sector. What’s more, the solar revolution is just getting started.

Hooray for Solar Energy!

So there you have it: solar energy is great for the environment, but it has plenty of other benefits, too. From job creation to energy independence, the list of solar pluses is quite extensive. It’s no wonder so many consumers and businesses are going solar. Are you ready to join their ranks? Get in touch and we’ll connect you with the best solar installers in your area.

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