The Top 5 California Cities Where It Pays to Go Solar

It Pays to Go Solar in the Golden State

california cities that have gone the most solar

These days, it’s not a big secret that California is leading the nation in solar power installations and generation. A variety of reports from various agencies and environmental and trade groups confirm that California is the state that’s setting the pace for clean renewable solar energy.

What may surprise you is that it’s not just the big solar power generation installations out in the desert that are responsible for the state’s reputation for solar. Residential and business conversion to solar power generation is happening at a rapid pace in several California cities, as well. Read on for our list of the top five cities in the great state of California where it pays to go solar.

#1 – Los Angeles

Given the weather in Southern California and the general immensity of the City of Angels, it may come as little to no surprise that this city is leading California in solar power adoption and generation. What may surprise you is that it is the city itself that is leading the way, adapting City Hall to run on clean, renewable solar panels while calling on Angelenos to convert their homes and small businesses at an accelerated rate.

#2 – San Diego

Also in the sunny climate of the south, San Diego ranks second in solar power generation. This city is proud of its place of leadership in the conversion to solar energy and is happy to reap the job-creation benefits of being a leader in the conversion to solar.

Furthermore, because of the amount of sunlight that bathes the city on a regular basis, homeowners are giving back to the power grid and reaping financial benefits as a result.

#3 – San Jose

With a mayor that uses solar energy to power his own home, it’s not too much of a shock to see the city in the South Bay cracking the top three in solar energy production. San Jose adopted a green vision in the early two-thousands, and has since become a leader in solar installations nationwide. With the city installing solar panels on its own buildings, it’s easy to see how effective leadership leads to more robust renewable results.

#4 – San Francisco

Surprisingly enough, the City by the Bay, known as much for its fog as its cable cars, comes in fourth in terms of solar power generation in the entire state. Maybe it’s a result of the City’s GoSolarSF program helping business and homeowners covers some of the cost of converting.

#5 – Sacramento

Last, but definitely not least, the state capital is getting in on the action, installing solar power generation systems on state and city buildings across the northern San Joaquin Valley.

Solar Power in California Is Taking Off

If you’re in California and you’re not using solar power to satisfy your home or business energy needs, look to these five cities for their leadership in pointing the way toward a more sustainable future. Your wallet and your grandchildren will thank you.

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