10 Facts About the California Solar Industry You Probably Didn’t Know

Getting to Know the California Solar Industry

solar industry in california

The very first silicon solar energy cell was built by Bell Labs in New Jersey in the mid-nineteen fifties. Since then, California has quickly outpaced New Jersey in terms of adopting, developing, and installing solar power systems. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, California leads all U.S. states in its use of and conversion to solar power.

1. Solar Energy Is the Most Abundant Energy Source in California

Because of California’s near-unchallenged number of sunny days and the ongoing depletion of the state’s fossil fuel reserves, solar power is the energy of the future in the Golden State.

2. California Leads the Nation in Solar Installation

California installed more solar power systems in 2014 than the entire country did between 1970 and 2011. Adding a whopping 4316 megawatts of power in that year one gives California the ability to power more than one million additional homes with solar.

3. California Generates More Power Using Solar Than any other State

With more than twenty-five hundred megawatts generated annually, California tops the charts in solar power production.

4. California Has more People Employed in Solar Power Than any other State

California boasts more than forty-three thousand solar energy jobs, statewide. That puts the Golden State in first place nationally for jobs related to solar energy.

5. Nearly Ninety Percent of California’s Energy Development Is Coming From Solar

Though other, less-green, energy generation is still being developed in California, almost ninety percent of the state’s new energy will come from solar.

6. California Leads the Nation in Cumulative Solar Power Generated

Although the solar power industry wasn’t born in California, this state has led the way in solar power adoption since the industry’s infancy, making it a safe bet that cumulative solar power generation may be greatest in California for the conceivable future.

7. California Ranks Among the Top Ten States in Solar Capacity Per Capita

Although only number four in the nation with 262 watts of solar capacity per person, California is tops in nearly every other statistic, and only fourth in this category because of its massive population.

8. Low and Middle Income Homeowners Are Driving California’s Ongoing Solar Surge

Growing solar power system installation by homeowners with middle or low incomes is driving California’s continuing status as number one in solar power in the nation.

9. Demand for New Solar Energy Systems Is at an All-Time High in California

More and more people throughout the Golden State are choosing to cash in on solar incentives and the energy savings associated with going solar. Installing a solar power system is a great way to save money over the long haul while doing your part for the environment.

10. California is Home to the Biggest Solar Energy Construction Project in the World

Utilizing solar thermal energy and employing more than three-hundred thousand mirrors in California’s Mojave Desert, the project is expected to power more than one-hundred thousand homes and is backed by a Federal loan guarantee.

California continues to lead the nation in the greening of our energy systems.

[Photo Via: PV-Tech]