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Looking at Growth in the Solar Storage Market

Advancements in Solar Energy Storage Technology Are Driving the U.S. Market A quiet revolution of sorts has been building over the last couple of years. Thanks to a variety of technological advances in everything from battery technology to the way in which solar power systems convert and store the sun’s energy, there is a boom […]

Solar in Space: Solar Panels and NASA

NASA Is Leading Research That Uses Solar in New Ways in Space It may be surprising to some people, but NASA is working hard to improve the environment here on earth. For every negative story about the amount of carbon produced by a single space shuttle launch, or the fact that reaching orbit may punch […]

Appraising the Real Value of Solar Energy

Can Solar Panels Increase Your Home Value? Solar panels, once the domain of dedicated environmentalists, have been making remarkable inroads into the consciousness of the public at large. You’ve probably noticed the trend; photovoltaic arrays are becoming an increasingly common sight in cities and towns across the nation. And while the environmental benefits of going […]

6 Benefits to Going Solar You May Not Have Known About

Why Solar Is Even Better Than You Thought If you’re considering going solar, then you’re certainly not alone. As you’ve probably noticed, solar installations have risen dramatically in recent years, and there’s a whole host of reasons that installing rooftop solar panels is one of the smartest moves you can make. Let’s take a look […]

Nearly Every US State Took Action on Rooftop Solar Last Year

Solar Energy Is a Hot Topic The rooftop solar sector has experienced unprecedented growth over the past decade, for a number of reasons. The cost of installing solar panels atop one’s home or business has plummeted, falling by more than 60% since President Obama took office in November of 2008. In addition, climate change science […]