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Second-Hand Solar Panels: Brilliant Idea or Waste of Cash?

Second-Hand Solar Panels: Waste of Money or the Best Idea Ever? Thinking about going solar but worried about the high cost of getting started? It’s true that solar power systems have dropped considerably in cost over the last couple of decades after many advancements in manufacturing has led to cheaper installation costs and greater efficiency. […]

Cheapest, Most Flexible Solar Cell Yet: Linköping University Breaks Record

Swedish Researchers Have Just Beaten the Flexibility Record for Solar Cells Earlier this month, researchers at Sweden’s Linköping University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced a stunning new breakthrough in solar cell construction: the creation of the world’s first polymer solar cell without using fullerenes. The new cells, which can be manufactured in thin […]

How to Maximize Solar Power’s Efficiency in Colder Climates

Solar Power Isn’t Just for Southern Climates Anymore The design, manufacture, and installation of solar power systems has come a long way in the last few decades. The industry once populated by cutting-edge, if a bit clunky, tech was great at converting the sun’s rays into electricity during the brightest parts of the day in […]