Modern solar technology began with the invention of solar panels made with silicon by Bell Laboratories in the mid 1950s. But the birth of solar energy started long before with drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, and many people contributed ideas along the way.  In the mid 1800s near the end of the industrial revolution it began to be seriously revisited. Basic solar energy plants had been designed to heat up water which in turn created steam, helping to drive machinery. Throughout the years, solar has had many upgrades and improvement. Arizona solar panel dealers are now able to drastically change the efficiency of your home. No longer is electricity needed when the sun can power your home, using no electricity. Arizona solar panel dealers are able to install panels on your existing home or any new construction project.

As all Arizona solar panel dealers can tell you, switching to solar can eliminate energy bills for your home. When you decide to go solar, a professional installer will come out to measure your home and gather information on your electrical usage to ensure you get the proper size panels on your home. The solar panels need to be big enough to produce enough energy for your home to run efficiently regardless of rain or shine. The panels transfer the energy to batteries in the home which store the energy until it’s needed. As all Arizona solar panel dealers can tell you, you will have energy even if the sun isn’t shining as the batteries store enough of the energy to keep your home running smoothly.

Arizona solar panel dealers are able to figure out how large the panels need to be by measuring the size of the home, finding out how many people are living there or may be staying there for extended periods of time, evaluating seasonal fluctuations, and by determining how much energy is needed to run all of the appliances and other devices that run typically run on electricity. Arizona solar panel dealers are experienced and knowledgeable about how to properly measure and determine the size of panels needed from having years of experience in the business.

In addition to a vast amount of experience, Arizona solar panel dealers can help the homeowner learn about and understand how solar panels work. While there are some technical sounding words involved, after taking some time to learn, it’s easy for many people to understand solar on a basic level. Any questions homeowners may have about solar or the battery system involved can be answered quickly and efficiently by Arizona solar panel dealers.

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