5 Photovoltaic Panel Installation Mistakes

Despite spending thousands on solar panels, most homeowners choose to carry out photovoltaic panel installation on their own. However, because they lack the skills and expertise specialized installers have, they end up making mistakes that cost them their investment before they’re even done paying the last installment. If you’re planning to install solar panels on your own, here are five mistakes you should avoid.

Mistake 1 Installing a Standalone Photovoltaic System to Run One or Two Things

There are numerous things that consume a lot of energy at your home, such as your air conditioning and refrigerator. However, a standalone photovoltaic panel installation that isn’t tied to the grid will give you trouble while running these consistently. Instead of using such a system for heavy applications, consider using it for smaller things such as your computer or TV.

Mistake 2: Adding Extra Batteries to the System to Avoid Depending on the Grid

Some homeowners complicate the photovoltaic panel installation process by adding more batteries to their system. While most of them take this step to depend less on the grid, others go for this option to avoid the complex approval process for grid-tied systems. Regardless, this isn’t a good idea as most batteries last a year and a half when properly maintained. On the other hand, batteries connected to a hybrid inverter can easily last for 20 years. So if you seek value for money and longevity, don’t get too many batteries or give up on the grid just yet.

Mistake 3: Forgetting Altogether About Water Proofing

Many homeowners successfully tackle the photovoltaic panel installation process only to discover that they forgot to seal the panels from water. If you live in a city that receives ample rain or experiences high humidity, you will have a major mess on your hands. This is especially true when the wood or metal you used for mounting the solar panels starts to rust, causing the mounts and your expensive PV panels to crash down to the floor. Without a water seal, this scenario is inevitable.

Mistake 4: Not Giving the Solar Design Much Consideration

Prior to photovoltaic panel installation, it is necessary that you consider the solar design you’ll be using. You don’t necessarily have to place the solar panels on top of your house. Some cases may benefit from installing panels on the ground, vertically, or on top of other structures like the garage or woodshed. So take the time to learn about designing solar panel systems before you start installing your own.

Mistake 5: Using Solar Panels to Heat Your Home’s Water

Some homeowners try to hit two birds with one stone by collecting the water used to cool down overheated solar panels. That way, they can save on water heating bills and enjoy hot showers or baths. However, in addition to making your photovoltaic panel installation complex, you will need to wait for hours before the water turns hot.

Each of these mistakes will cost you, which is why you need to have a professional handle the task for you. A specialized solar panels dealer and installer will design, implement and educate you on how to care for your new solar energy. They will also make their photovoltaic panel installation services worthwhile since they can help you get rebates and discounts quicker due to their experience. So rather than stumbling around with this tricky process, make sure to have a professional on the job.

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